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Visa Token Service can help you create and maintain your payment experiences while protecting your consumers sensitive information from fraud. As consumers create expectations about digital payment solutions, the Visa Token Service will offer essential tools for you to meet this demand.

Mobile payment solutions

Contactless mobile transactions with the terminal are the next wave of digital payments. And the Visa Token Service can make them simple and secure. With NFC (Proximity Field Communication) technology, secure purchases are as easy to make as waving your hand.
Apple Pay logo.

Apple Pay

A simple and secure way to pay with your Visa card at NFC-enabled terminals using your Apple devices.

Samsung Pay logo.

Samsung Pay 

A simple and secure way to make your everyday purchases with your Visa on compatible Samsung devices.

Google Pay logo.

Google Pay  

Compatible with most Android devices, the app provides customers with a simple and secure way to pay with Visa at NFC-enabled terminals.

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Developing payment experiences

Visa offers standards, specifications, and development tools to help its partners create and launch their own payment applications.

Contactless Payments

Secure mobile payments, made by bringing your device closer to a compatible terminal or another NFC-capable device.

Solutions for eCommerce

Make it easier for cardholders to pay online with a secure and streamlined process that takes you straight from the cart to conversion.

Click to Pay

Provides a best-in-class online experience for Guest Checkout by reducing complicated and inconsistent shopping processes, giving consumers a higher sense of security, and facilitating their purchase to be completed in just a few clicks. 


Interoperable with existing EMV standards, that is fully digital, compatible with any smartphone protecting payment credentials by utilizing Tokenized Credentials and bringing a new form factor for consumers.  

Internet of Things

Developers of wearable devices connected cars and homewares – even infrastructure for cities – can now create new secure forms of payment through the Internet of Things with the Visa Token Service.


Wearable devices with contactless payment technology allow consumers to leave their wallets at home.

Other connected devices

Visa technology makes payments secure, easy, and affordable from almost any device with an internet connection.

Four essential tools

The Visa Token Service consists of a set of tokenization tools: Token Authentication, Lifecycle Management, Value Added Services and Visa Risk Manager. 

Token Authentication

Through Cloud Token Framework, merchants and issuers can authenticate the cardholder who is adding their card to use for online shopping.

Lifecycle Management

Maintains the token and cardholder card information such as expiration date updated with the latest info, preventing interruption of service, and providing a seamless experience.

Value Added Services

Capabilities such as push provisioning allow for faster digitalization of credentials, bringing innovation and opportunities to enable a new array of digital solutions.

Visa Risk Manager

It places controls on digital credit and debit products to prevent high-risk transactions and enables a faster response to new fraud schemes.

What are some of the benefits that Visa Token Services provides

  • Fortifies and protects the payment credential of the consumer.
  • Drives higher Authorization Rates
  • Reduces Fraud
  • Facilitates a seamless Consumer Experience
  • Drives innovation and deployment of new use cases.
  • Enables a frictionless authentication experience with the cardholder.
  • Helps reduce cart abandonment.
  • Reutilizes existing payment rails with minimum impact to existing players.
  • Vast array of Valued Added Services to further enhance the product.

Get started with Visa's Digital Programs

Visa's Digital Enablement Program (VDEP) and Visa Digital Commerce Program (VDCP) simplify the way we deliver innovative payment solutions across all participants. With simplified access to the Visa Token Service, both connect financial institutions and technology companies so they can offer an array of Digital Solutions and capabilities, all at once.

Quick and easy integration

Quick and easy connection, no need for multiple technology integrations.

Simple and scalable structure

Drive growth through a simple, scalable plan with no throughput.

Robust protection

Receive a powerful combination of security and consumer data protection.

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